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Please keep in mind that all Just Hanging creations are 100% handmade, therefore minor imperfections may be present e.g air bubbles in the clay. Although every attempt is taken to capture the true colour of the products, sometimes the colour/finishing of pieces may vary slightly from each other and the images shown.

Sunflower Wall Hanging

  • Handmade, using semi translucent polymer clay and genuine citrine and smokey quartz crystal chips.

    Citrine: Is known for attracting wealth and happiness. Citrine may exacerbate aggressiveness in some. It is not recommended for those with a fiery, quick-tempered nature. Associated with the solar plexus, root and crown chakras and is the zodiac crystal for Cancer.

    Smokey Quartz: Associated with the root chakra, Smokey Quartz lifts depression & promotes positive thoughts & actions. Relieves feelings of stress & anxiety by bringing emotional calmness. Compatible with Scorpio, Sagittarius & Capricorn Zodiac. Quartz is the birthstone for April.

    Approx measurements: 

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